Enjoy freedom on your bike this summer with Yale

As this region deconfines and the summer months are upon us, riding bikes is encouraged now more than ever as they provide social distance and are an environmentally friendly mode of transport. This is encouraged by Yale with the company’s extensive bike lock range designed to keep your bike secure at all times.

The warm, summer days call for an eco-friendly mode of transport that will allow us to enjoy our new freedom in an active and safe way, while still abiding by the social distancing rules. With our Standard, High and Maximum-Security bike locks, you can do just that and have full peace of mind knowing that your bike is secure when left unattended.

Our cable, chain and U-lock solutions have been designed with you in mind, and will further support our consumers in using their bikes as a preferred mode of transport. As the leaders in home security, we pride ourselves in our security credentials and the bike locks are no exception!

For example, the U-lock has a Patented four-point locking, heavy duty crossbar which provides maximum pull protection and an ultra-hardened shackle so that the lock remains resistant to maximum cut and impact. The new double rubber coating on the U-locks, crossbars and cable lock heads help protect paint on the bike, while metal and thick rubber end caps protect against bumps and hits to minimise damage.

All cable locks feature tough vinyl coatings on both cable and swedging for durability and protection, while chain covers are embroidered for a long-lasting, great look. What’s more, there is no need to worry about cleaning the lock either, as the new manual keyway seals to keep water, dirt and grit out.

For extra peace of mind, the range is covered by product guarantees, while the High and Maximum-Security bike locks also carry the respected Sold Secure Rating, which will assure any insurance company and the police that the lock was of high standards in case of theft.

To find out more about our range of bike locksand learn how to choose the right one for you, access our guide here: https://middleeast.yalelock.com/en/yale/middleeast/news/yale_new_bike_locks_range/choosing-the-right-type-of-lock/