Why are we updating our alarm server?
Our alarm systems (SR-range & Sync alarms) are growing in popularity, so we are updating to ensure all our users have a great experience.

What does it mean for me?
There may be a few minutes of disruption, but it should be seamless. Your alarm will be automatically be directed to the new server. You will not be expected to log in again, and your user name and password will remain the same. Please no te there is on-
going development activity and minor disturbances may occur until the server update planned on May 7th between 01.00am and 02.00am CEST.

How can I prepare for this?

Prior to the upgrade, we advise checking all core functionalities are working, including Keyfobs and Keypads. If you do experience any technical issues following the server update, simply visit the FAQs on our website or contact us directly.