Unlock your heart this Ramadan !


The holy month Ramadan is more than fasting and praying; it is also a special time for reflection, self-improvement, and for devotion to good deeds. Ramadan is a time for us to focus on charitable actions and good deeds more than usual. This does not have to be a grand gesture; it can be an incredibly simple action instead. No matter how big or small, all good deeds are multiplied during the month of Ramadan.


The sense of empathy that Ramadan invokes helps the believer understand others better and makes it easier for them to make friends and socialize. Ramadan also raises our awareness of the situation of other people who live in our society. It teaches prosperous people, who eat good and nutritious food regularly, what hunger is. Ramadan creates a bridge between the fortunate and the less fortunate people.


Ramadan ensures the harmony and unity of the society. Ramadan also encourages unity outside the Muslim community and creates a sense of peace between all believers from all religions. The idea of restoring values like social justice, security, and peace outside your community becomes even stronger during this time. This special month inspires in us the common values, beliefs, and experiences we share as human beings.

Helping Each Other

Ramadan is a month of solidarity, helping each other. We should compete with each other in helping the needy, supporting people and performing all the good deeds. During Ramadan donating money, food or clothes to those who are in need is very common. Helping someone from your family such as your elderlies who are in need of your aid is also important.

Being Thoughtful

Ramadan is an important time to show your kindness to everyone even more, including animals and the environment. Just by giving a piece of bread to a bird or some water to a thirsty dog will be a good deed. We only have one planet, and we need to take care of it.  

Being Generous

Ramadan is a time to pay it forward. A selfless act shows compassion, love, and above all: that you are making a difference in this life. With simply by being generous, there is no doubt you might make someone’s day. Inviting your friends, family, and neighbors to dinner and cooking for them will reaffirm your faith and commitment to charity with your friends and family over a delicious meal.