Yale disrupts traditional habits with In-Home delivery and services

A secure and monitored system to have shopping & services delivered into the home.

Yale opens the door for customers to access the world of short-term rental and in-home services including delivery and cleaning. Something Yale has worked very hard to bring to life especially now as consumers are demanding more from online retailers and service providers.


As consumer shopping habits shift significantly to an online model the last hurdle being the convenience and security of delivery is now being addressed also.  Yale has partnered with major UK retailer John Lewis in a successful pilot programme to bring in-home delivery to life.


The service is one that utilises Yale’s Smart Lock technology to allow customers to grant the delivery driver access to their home. A temporary access code for the door lock is sent via the Waitrose & Partners’ While You’re Away app which is shared with the driver’s device just prior to the scheduled delivery time and deleted as soon as complete.


In-home delivery services has the potential to eliminate one of the biggest challenges faced by online shoppers today being failed deliveries due to not being at home and inconvenient pick-up locations both of which are unnecessary hindrances in our already time precious lives.


Similar schemes have been trialled by Walmart and Amazon in the US, however given that Yale are the experts in lock technology and smart integrated home security the likelihood is the trail programme will expand rapidly into other areas.


Yale predicts that online shopping naturally will move quickly to adopt in-home services, but also there are major opportunities for cleaning companies as well as home care and maintenance to enhance their services.