Yale launches stylish new indoor and outdoor cameras

Designed to make everyday life easier, the new smart camera range from Yale will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is protected, wherever you are.

You can be at home, even when they’re not” and keep an keep an eye on what matters most at any time of day or night thanks to the Yale Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras. Featuring a new, sleek, black design, the camera line is fully controllable via the Yale View mobile app. When combined with other products in the range, such as smart sync alarms and smart door locks you can tailor an ecosystem to suit your needs.

The smart camera lineup includes the Indoor Wi-Fi Camera - Pan & Tilt as well as the (Full HD) Indoor Wi-Fi Camera, Front Door Wi-Fi Camera (Light & Siren) and Outdoor Pro Wi-Fi Camera (4MP). Thanks to the Yale View App, the range brings additional functionalities, such as the ability to share cameras with family and friends, schedule loop and motion detection recordings, group cameras together and view up to four simultaneously.

The brand-new Indoor Wi-Fi Camera – Pan & Tilt, enables you to move the camera up, down, left and right to monitor every corner of your home. For extra peace of mind, the smart tracking feature enables the cameras to automatically detect, follow and record moving objects such as people. It will also activate instant alerts when moving objects are detected in important areas, for example, where the safe is kept. For privacy, the lens can be hidden via the privacy mode on the Yale View App, leaving you in full control.

Want to check up on your kids in the other room or make sure your loved ones got home safely? With the Yale View App you can receive motion detection notifications, monitor your home and have real-time conversations with people in front of the Yale indoor cameras. The new (Full HD) Indoor Wi-Fi Camera is perfect for placing on a shelf in any room of the house, sitting discreetly and stylishly you can stay connected to what’s happening at home, even whilst you’re away. 

For outdoor use, we developed the Front Door Wi-Fi Camera – Light & Siren, and the Outdoor Pro Wi-Fi Camera – 4MP to help you keep track of anyone coming and going throughout the day.

The Front Door – Wi-Fi Camera comes in black and white to suit any home. The product features motion detection and real-time conversation functionalities, while the built-in light and siren create an active deterrent for unwanted visitors at your doorstep.

You can’t always be on the lookout, but the Yale Outdoor Pro Wi-Fi Camera - 4MP, can. The camera has the best quality video in the range with QHD 4MP. For more flexibility, the customisable detection feature can be used to monitor particular areas around your home.

In addition to a great user experience, all of the new Yale cameras can be controlled with leading voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, and viewed on your favourite screen enabled smart speaker, making busy modern life that bit easier.