Yale works with Google Assistant

With 30% of Brits choosing voice assistants as their preferred method of controlling smart devices,[1] Yale has now collaborated with the Google Assistant to address the growing demand 1 for voice-controlled security solutions in the home.

Thanks to this integration, Yale’s Sync Smart Alarms together with Smart Locks, Smart Plugs, Window Sensors and Smart Cameras​ ​can now be activated, using just your voice.

The collaboration allows Yale customers to arm their alarms, check if any doors or windows are open and control the smart locks and plugs when​ ​connected to the Yale Smart Alarm system.

For example, simply saying the phrase ‘’Ok Google, set the security panel ​to​ fully arm’’ or asking ‘’Ok Google, is the front door locked?’’ will activate the Google Assistant in conjunction with the Sync Smart Home Alarm and any other security devices connected to it. 

What’s more, Yale All-In-One and Indoor Cameras also work with the Google Assistant, allowing our customers to stream live video to their Google Home ​Hub and other Google ​Assistant enabled ​screen devices. Now, commands such as ‘’Ok Google, show me the front door camera’’ or “​Ok Google, show me the kid’s room’’​ can be used to activate the cameras.

The Google Assistant compliments the Smart Living Range and makes it more helpful for Yale customers to control and monitor their home ​hands-free.

[1] One Poll - 2019 Smart Home Survey