10 great reasons to change your door cylinders

There are many great reasons to change your existing door cylinders to a high quality Yale cylinder. Even if you think your locks are secure, there are many reasons you may have not thought of why you will want to consider changing your cylinders as your home security may be at risk.

1. You moved into a new house or flat

The removal men have gone, and you’re moving into your new home. Congratulations! As a new homeowner or tenant, one of the first and most important tasks on your list should be to change the lock cylinders. Even if you’ve received assurance that you have been given the only set of keys for your new home, you’ll want to make sure that there is no chance that the previous homeowners or tenants have given the key to anyone else. It is highly likely that there are many other people that have a key – from relatives and next door neighbours, to tradesman and cleaners, every one of these people will have a way of getting into your home, and you don’t know anyone of them! (insert link to video)

2. If you’ve ever lent someone your key

There’s many good reasons for lending your key to other people, but over the years the numbers can grow significantly. Your children and relatives may have a key. You may have had work on your home and given your key to a tradesman. Your next-door neighbours are always good to have a key to keep an eye on things when you’re not there. Your cleaner or the man who does gardening and odd jobs may have a key, so has your babysitter. We could go on, but you can see how you lose control of who has access to your home as the numbers of key holders increases over the years. We’re not saying that anyone of these people are a threat. However, everyone who has a key has access to you your home 24/7, so it’s worth taking back control by changing your cylinders.

3. You’ve lost your keys

We’ve all done it. That terrible moment when you think you’ve lost your keys. Sometimes you’ve just put them down where you wouldn’t normally, and then they turn up – what a relief! However, sometimes you just can’t find them – they are genuinely lost, and you have no idea where they are. Now would be a great time to change the cylinders, because who knows has them, or who might find them? Worst still, the problem becomes even more serious if they are lost alongside anything that may identify your address.

4. Your child has lost a key or let a friend borrow it

When your children start to grow up and get more independent, they always need a key to let themselves into the house while you’re not there. As sometimes happens, your children may be less careful than you! The key you gave might have been loaned to someone else, or perhaps has even been lost long after it was needed. In these situations, it’s always a good idea to change the cylinders on the locks frequently.

5. You’ve been through a divorce, separation or dispute.

You may have recently went through a divorce, separation or dispute that didn’t end amicably. This means that your spouse, ex-partner, roommate or a friend has a key to your home, and can enter at any time and whether you are in or not. This may not be a problem, but in the heat of the emotion it is a possibility that the person involved could act out agrievance, and the security of your home will be compromised.

6It’s a great opportunity to improve lock security?

As with just about every other security product on the market, the technology behind cylinders and locks has become increasingly advanced and more secure over the years. Changing your cylinders is a simple way for you to remove outdated ones that may have flaws in terms of security, and to upgrade to a stronger solution. This is particularly true if you’re living in an older house or flat that’s relied on the same door locks for years or even decades.

7.  You've experienced a break in or attempted break-in

It should be common sense that you should change all the locks after experiencing a break in or attempted break in. Once the security of your home has been tested, you’ll want to strengthen it immediately by changing all the door cylinders. There’s a chance your house was targeted at random, but now is a good time to take precautions in case the intruder returns.

8. Your locks are worn, old and difficult to use

Just like anything mechanical, locks also wear out over time. In some cases, this may make your door's lock a minor annoyance that's harder to work than usual. In more extreme cases, your lock could fail completely making it impossible to unlock your door, or making your lock ineffective and leaving your home vulnerable. At the first signs of wear and tear, it's best to replace your lock cylinders with new ones. This simple switch will save you from a serious problem later if you allow your lock to degrade to the point of failure.

9. You have carried out other home improvements

Perhaps you have changed the internal door furniture in your home or windows and now old the brass coloured fixings don’t match the new chorome handles... The cylinders may only be a small thing but could impact the overall cosmetic appearance. Alternatively you may have upgraded to Yale products elsewhere in the home and want to adopt them in other areas.

10. Total peace of mind

Last but by no means least, a key advantage of installing new cylinders is the peace of mind it provides. You want to be able to relax and not worry about your home security whether you are there or away. Any one or all of the reasons above may make you think about your door lock cylinders and taking back control of your security so that you can sleep easy at night.

Replacing your lock cylinders

Replacing your cylinders is a simple and cost-effective process. Once you’ve bought a new Yale cylinder to the correct size, you can do it yourself simply by removing the old cylinder by taking out the retaining screw, and install the new one in its place. The whole process only takes a few minutes (insert link to page) and then you’ve upgraded your home security successfully! Click here to discover more about our range of cylinders. (insert link to page)

Yale’s products

Since 1843 Yale have been at the forefront of security solutions. We are trusted globally, providing locks of every design and function in over 125 countries. As one of the oldest international brands, Yale is among the best-known and most respected names in the lock industry, with millions of Yale locks in use worldwide. Designed to protect the things that matter most, you can trust Yale to deliver security and peace of mind.

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