How to lock your bike

When it comes to bike security, it’s not only about buying the best bike lock but also about how you ensure your bike is locked properly. In this blog post we’re going to run you through our top-tips on how you can make sure your bike is safe!

Get a decent lock

This might seem obvious, but make sure you get a good quality lock. There are different types of locks that you can get for your bike including cable locks, U-locks, and chain locks (view our guide here). As well as that, you need to think about what Sold Secure rating the lock is: Bronze, Silver or Gold. We’ve created a blog about this too - available here.
Remember, not all bike locks are created equal, so it’s worth having a look at the spec in more detail.

Combine wheel, frame and a solid object

For the best protection, don’t just lock your wheel - always combine frame, the back wheel and lock to a solid object. For example our Maximim Security U-lock is available with a cable to allow more locking options plus an increased deterrent for would be thieves.


You may be using your bike to commute to work, or to get around town, get to uni or whatever. No matter where you’re going, when it comes to locking your bike, make sure you pick a good location. If you can, lock your bike on a busy road and ideally somewhere you have CCTV cameras around. If you can see lots of bikes locked to a specific stand, that might be a good place to lock yours. A void putting your bike in an alley or on a side road.

Extra security

You’ve got your bike in the shed or in your garage at home, so you don’t need to lock it right? Wrong! Even if you have your bike in a ‘secure’ place like your garage or shed at home (or work), you should always add a lock to the bike. This means that even if the unfortunate event happens and someone manages to break into your garage/shed, they can’t pick up your bike and leave with it!


Make your mark

Whenever you get a new bike, make sure you make a note of your product serial number. Keep the receipt and also take some pictures of your bike. In fact - take a picture of the serial number too. Save this on your computer and perhaps even email the pictures to yourself via Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail etc so you can access it whenever! There are also lots of websites where you can register your bike. It’s worth taking a couple of minutes to do this too just in case! Also, make sure you scratch your name onto your bike frame with your postcode. (You may want to cover this with clear tape several times so it’s tricky for someone to remove and scratch it off!)


Take it apart and ‘uglify’ your bike

Sounds like a strange thing to do. What we mean by ‘take it apart’ is to remove the wheel or the bike saddle to prevent people from wanting to steal your bike. You can take this one step further and ‘uglify’ your bike by adding duct tape to the frame for example. This was thieves don’t know what bike you have and also wouldn’t want to take off the tape off to see what bike you have. The aim of this is to make it inconvenient for the thief to steal your bike!


Remember to lock the frame!

It may seem obvious, but make sure you lock your bike frame to the bar or bike stand. If you just lock your wheel, guess what - they’ll take the frame and leave the wheel. The aim here is to fill your lock as much as you can with as much of your bike as possible. Also, make sure you lock your bike to something that is solid and cemented to the ground such as bars and bike stands.


Remove accessories

If you have a basket, removable light, bag, bell - anything which can be removed from your bike, make sure you take it off and take it with you. Alternatively use a cable lock to make sure your accessories are secure. So rule of thumb - if you can - lock it, if you can’t - take it with you.

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