Aluminium Padlocks

Are you pretty in pink? Or tempted by teal? Pick your favourite padlock, this range comes in three sizes and four different colours. Featuring double locking and hardened steel shackles for 30mm and above. So take a deep breath and relax, your yoga kit is safe with us.


  • Hardened steel shackles for 32mm and above padlocks to prevent cutting.
  • 32mm and above padlocks have double locking for added protection.
  • 32mm and above padlocks tested to 10,000 cycles (opening and closing) for optimum performance.
  • 32mm and above padlocks tested to EN12320:2012, stimulating forms of attack such as cutting, pulling and twisting of the shackle.
  • Tested up to 48 hours for corrosion resistance to ensure protection against weather conditions.
  • Colours available in black, grey, teal or pink.
  • Multipacks available in 38mm Aluminium Padlock with keyed alike for convenience.

*To be available soon in the Middle East region.

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