YDM/520/FG3 - Extra large data


  • Up to 1 hour fire protection for data
  • Contains an additional 'safe within a safe' insulation layer
  • Protects extra sensitive digital data for example external hard drive, CD ROMs, DVDs or tapes
  • Four locking bolts plus two backend bolts protecting the hinge side
  • Digital lock with touchpad interface
  • Epoxy sealed shell of galvanised steel gives double rust protection
  • High security electronic lock (over 1 billion combinations)


  • Keypad illuminates when touched
  • Re-settable 3 - 12 digit user code
  • Programmable one-time user code - Ideal for visiting guests who may need to use the safe for a short period
  • Privacy number input - real code followed or preceded by random numbers opens the lock. Assists if you suspect your code is being observed by an onlooker
  • Silent input - code can be entered without noise or light
  • Time lock (if wrong code entered) - can be set from 3 to 9 minutes (factory set 3 minutes)
  • Lock-down period can be set from 1 to 48 hours. Safe can be shut down and cannot be activated for a given period - ideal if you are away and have other people entering your property
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