Yale Access Range

Throughout the world, Yale continually introduces smart home security solutions to protect the people and things we love. Yale with its 180 years of security expertise is committed to innovation and is constantly expanding the product offerings. Yale Access is the all new Yale mobile app that enables customers to remotely access and manage Yale smart products from the Yale Access mobile app. The app allows users to lock and unlock, share access with trusted family or friends, view access history, receive notifications on the lock's activity, and check the lock's battery life from wherever you are in the world. The app works alongside the Yale Connect Wi-Fi bridge to give users the ability to get their lock's status and operate it remotely.The Yale Access app works with a wide range of Smart products, including Smart Locks and Smart Storage. Our new "Linus®" smart lock and Yale Access app is driving the industry forward by offering unparalleled security and convenience in our daily life and unique possibilities such as guest home access, in-home delivery and services. Our Yale Access products integrate seamlessly with partners such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit amongst many others. We have also integrated our Yale Smart Alarms to work with Yale Smart Locks so that your alarm system will automatically be disarmed when the lock is unlocked through the Yale Access system. Smart security products that fit into your life making it noticeably easier without you noticing them. Yale Access offers you trust, convenience and connectivity through a touch of a button on your smartphone.