Yale Smart Cabinet Lock

The Smart Cabinet Lock by Yale offers heightened security and convenience to cabinet storage. Yale Smart Cabinet Lock is a Bluetooth connected cabinet lock which can be discreetly mounted on existing cabinet doors and drawers with single or double doors to secure valuable belongings, or items that should be kept out of reach from children (e.g. cleaning supplies, medicines, liquor). With the Yale Access App, customers can get notified whenever the cabinet or drawer opens, as well as see if the Smart Cabinet Lock has been locked or unlocked. You will also receive a notification if your Smart Cabinet Lock is tampered with, as well as auto-unlock when batteries die. Our smart Cabinet Lock connects with Yale Connect Wi-FI Bridge* to enable remote access and control as well as voice assistant functionality. Simple installation, no tools required. No Keys or magnets to lose.  *Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is required for functionalities such as locking/unlocking your Smart Cabinet Lock remotely, instant alerts to your phone and for integrations like voice assistants (the Google Assistant and Alexa). Inside the box:  1 x Smart Cabinet Lock 1 x Mounting plate 5 x Mounting tape 1 x Lock post guide 2 x Standard lock post 1 x Long lock post 1 x CR2 battery 1 x Double door plate 2 x M4x12 screws 4 x M3x10 screws